Welcome to our Daily Window crafting blog!

Wow we are just so excited here at Daily Window!!! Since we introduced ourselves to the craft world things have really been fun. We are absolutely amazed at all the different looks that you crafty crafters can achieve with our bags. When we first started out, we were focused on digital cards that could be inspiring and changed everyday. Then you found us, and now we have the most versatile, durable, mixed media bags in the crafting market today. Every time we get a submission of a new design we are just thrilled and want to share them with you. We love to hear your comments and what you like to do with your own bags. Remember to visit our message board at www.dailywindow.net or www.dailywindow.com to let all of us know what you are crafting. We also want to thank all of you who took the time to personally write to us on your own hand crafted cards-we love that you did that! I just took a trip to Tahiti to visit one of our artists. She had never see a bag with her art inside the card pocket and went wild when I brought her some bags. I also brought back some wonderful sea shells and mother of pearl ornaments and I hope to see a bag embellished with them very soon. It will be right here on the blog when we get one done. So thanks for all of your enthusiasm and positive feedback and you have just made our year here at Daily Window perfect! Thanks from all of us-Paula and the Daily Window Team: Ronda, Tim, Joan, Lorena, Steve, Dave, Debbie, and Evon.


One Response to “Welcome to our Daily Window crafting blog!”

  1. Laura Says:

    Since none of my emails are making it to you, I’m posting the Album with my altered bags here. Please let me know when you’ve received this message. Thank you.
    Creatively Yours, Laura


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