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Faith and a Free Heart, Vivian Garrigues

July 31, 2008

Another incredible job by Vivian Garrigues. She has taken the Crafty Book and Bible Tote and quilted a card of hearts. She was inspired by a friend and we are in turn inspired by her beautiful creation.

Paula and I are constantly amazed at all of the different ways these wonderful designers embellish and enhance our bags. We are like little kids at Christmas each time a new bag arrives! We hope that all of you are inspired by them also and are coming up with ideas of your own.



Cynthia Powell Cards and Embellishments

July 31, 2008

Tranquility is a State of Mind and Cherry Blossoms are just two of our newest designer bags submitted by Cynthia Powell and they are beautiful.


Be sure to check our Cynthia’s auction for charity blogspot  It is for a good cause!

Recipe for these bags as follows:

Cherry Blossoms – I used “Basic Grey”-Clear stamp: “Winterland” and Memories “White” permanent inkpad to stamp the holly branches on both sides of the pocket.

Using “Pennsylvania Clay” Accent Country acrylic paint and the end of a wooden skewer, I added the dots to all of the holly.

To make the insert for the pocket, I scanned a photo of a painting I had done, as well as an Asian advertisement from my private collection, using a PNG format. In Photoshop, I combined these two scans and created a new background, by blending them together via opacity and layering. After printing this out in a size to fit the pocket, I further collaged this with another image from my private collection, layering it with red and black magnolia papers. The emblem or symbol is made with black clay, and an Asian rubber stamp.


Using Photoshop Elements and an image from Dover Publications, I added an original marbled paper background, layered the image and added the wording. Printing off another image, I cut it out smaller than the original image by about 1/16th of an inch and layered it using pop dots to give it added depth and dimension. The dragonfly and ladybug were 3-D stickers. I added a silver toned chain and attached a tassel to the zipper to finish it.

Cynthia Powell


Pam Smerker Cards

July 22, 2008

The four seasons was Pam’s theme on her hand crafted cards she submitted for the Gallery. They are beautiful and the colors really pop inside the bags.

Thanks Pam