Create and Print your own cards

I thought you might want to know about our “Create and Print” card link on our website.  It is lots of fun to select a background and then add text such as a quote or verse. You can move your text, create colorful fonts and adjust font sizes to fit your style. You will also find a large selection of famous quotes and verses to choose from-or just add your own. The reason we offer this link to crafters is to help you create templates for your creativity. You can also download and print templates for children’s crafts: colorful borders, cards for kids to color, and kids background images. We are adding new ideas weekly so be sure to give it a try. You can go directly to our create your own card site at:  Once you get used to our system you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!  Be sure and let us know how you use it in your crafting projects. It is also fun to display what you create on our message board for others to see.  And, lastly, DONT FORGET TO SIGN IN TO OUR BLOG BECAUSE THEN YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE OUR POSTINGS AND UPDATES.  paula


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