Ivy League artwork from Lenna Andrews

   Lenna Andrews did an amazing job on our backpack…who wouldn’t want to show this off!! Thanks, Lenna!!!



Here is my “recipe” for how to do this:


I gathered Embossed Ivy Leaves (various shades of green with text written in white) that I got from Alpha Stamps –



along with green leaf ribbon –



and striped green ribbon,



. . . and I created a frame around the clear window with the leaves and the ribbons. Try out your placement until you are satisfied –then glue. I used Fabri-Tac (washable fabric glue) to attach both the leaves and the ribbon to the backpack. Then to further decorate the outside of the backpack, I gathered 3 old bottle caps and cut circular images of bird’s heads to fit the inside of the bottle caps from a collage sheet by Alpha Stamps called: Woodblock Print Ravens – http://www.alphastamps.com/childcollagesheets.html#woodblock.

I used Goop Glue to attach the images to the inside of the bottle caps and let them dry. When dry, I sprinkled just a bit of glitter on top of the collage image inside the bottle cap and squeezed Diamond glaze on top of the collage image & the glitter. When this dries, it has a glass-like effect! When the Diamond Glaze was dry, I attached these 3 decorated bottle caps to the backpack with Goop Glue.  


For the card, I choose some of the same Embossed Ivy Leaves and a full image from the same collage sheet noted above. I wanted what was inside the window to relate to what was outside the window on the backpack. Tacky glue was a good candidate for attaching the leaves to a card. I choose a quote from a clear sticker collection; Love binds everything together in perfect harmony, and attached this to the collage image, then glued the image to the card. Voila!



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