Oops! My bad!!

On yesterdays blog I forgot to give credit to Cyndi Hansen for the awesome scrapbook layouts!! I am so sorry!! See more of her fabulous work at www.everythingartsy.com. We so appreciate all of the design work all of you send in…if we ever forget to give credit to the artist, please let us know!!! Check out Cyndi’s work displayed on the new homepage of www.dailywindow.com



As you all may or may not know, when Paula started Daily Window Products, she had artists design beautiful inspirational Christian cards (see Christian Card Gallery on www.dailywindow.com). When surfing some other blogs recently I saw that one of you had taken some of these cards and added to them with glitter and gemstones…they were really neat! Of course, now I cannot find you again, but love the idea and would love to hear from you. Well, this inspired Paula to offer six free Christian Inspirational cards to anyone who would like them to further embellish, with the only stipulation being that you send us a jpeg of the finished cards so we can share them with everyone else! Just email me at ontrack@dailywindow.com, include your mailing address and I will get your free set of cards to you. We will also send one of our newest Urban Sport Totes (now with green lining and longer straps) to the one of you who sends in the most creative embellished Christian Inspirational card.

Keep you ideas and projects coming in!!


One Response to “Oops! My bad!!”

  1. cathyschellenberg Says:

    Emailing you right now 🙂

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