Making memories…on the Go!

Up here in the mountains of Oregon fall has arrived. The nights are getting colder, and, here and there the colors of autumn are begining to peak out. Kids are back in school, football and soccer games in full swing. Mom’s everywhere are out with their digital cameras, capturing memories.

 Check out this new layout done for us by Lorena Hawkins… she has created a beautiful card of her neices playing soccer to carry and share…and when she is ready to change, she can move the card to her Designer Cube or scrapbook album layout.


Daily Window quote of the day: “Too much of a good thing…still isn’t enough!”

Reminders: Still time to participate in the Christmas challenge, see details in September 2nd blog. Email me,  to get your free set of Christian Inspirational cards to embellish. Take advantage of the Samples Sale while quantities last!! And be sure to listen to Paula on Diva Craft Lounge radio today 12:20 p.m. If you miss the broadcast go to their website and hear it at your convenience.


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