Caroll Lenthall Beadwork – Magical!

We shipped a Necessesary Mini across the ocean to France and into the talented hands of Caroll Lenthall. Caroll does beadwork that is nothing less than extrordinary. Look at the detail on the beaded card she did for the window. Then to embellish the bag she used fabric to do the beadwork on and then adhered it to the bag. She truly made this little mini a work of art!

See more of Caroll’s work at Thank you Carol!!

Tomorrow we will unveil our new endeavour…a new Home Hostess Party program. Look for the link on the home page of It should be a great way to make extra cash for the holidays!!

Great response to the samples sale…we still have a few left…get them while you can!

Check out our new link on this blog…click on it and you can have this page emailed to you automatically everytime there is an update.

Daily Window quote of the day: “I used to be snow white…but then I drifted” Mae West


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