Going Green with a Daily Carry All

Here is a great way to ‘Go Green’ submitted to us by Dara of Portland Oregon…she transformed her Daily Carry All into her shopping bag eliminating the need for ‘paper’ or ‘plastic’ or those little bags the stores will sell you with their advertising all over them. With a Daily Carry All you not only have a great sturdy bag to carry your groceries in but you also can make use of the window as Dara did by putting your list into it. What a great idea!

Dara made her own pad of lists but told us that what she is really looking for is a good dry erase pen so as to never have to write on the paper itself, but to be able to write on the outside of the window and then wipe it off!! That is really going green!!

So if any of you out there have any suggestions or ideas to make this great idea even better…let us know by just emailing us at ronda@dailywindow.com!!

Daily Window Quote of the Day: “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it” Maya Angelou

Reminders: Get your challenges in!


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