This n That

The day got away from me yesterday and I didn’t have a chance to write a new post…too busy and that is a good thing!

We are always looking for new and fun things for kids to do with our red Mini Carry All and the Art on your Backpack. Paula picked up some simple and cute foam cut outs from WalMart that can be stuck on and also removed. They have jungle animals, alphabet letters, shapes and flowers. So we played with them a little (now remember that Paula and I are in the business of facilitating your creativity, we don’t claim to be all that crafty).  Here is just a cute little example of what we did.

 Paula and I had a lot of fun playing with the stickers and bags, just think how much fun a seven year old could have!!! Also, for kids we have our Create and Print site with lots of cards to color and carry in their bags. Here’s a second look at the Trick or Treat bag that six year old Jacob of Joseph Oregon created from a plain Daily Carry All.


On , Pamela Smerker and Carrie Gaskin have some fun challenges going on AND they have Daily Window Bags for prizes. Check them out!!

We signed up a new affiliate yesterday, Bonnie Carter. She has an awesome blog… The Maltese Scrapper at Thanks Bonnie!

Remember, anyone with a website can sign up to be an Affiliate. You place a Daily Window banner on your site. You then earn ten percent commission off of all sales that come to us through that banner. Great way to earn a little extra money for the holidays. We also have our demonstrator discounts and our Home Hostess programs.

I got notice that we are getting another Vivian Garrigues bag any day now! I will post it as soon as it comes.

Daily Window Quote of the Day: “What other people think of me is none of my business, the only opinion that matters is mine”.

Remember you challenge entries!!


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