Inspirational Photo Art

Today we are featuring a wonderful photo taken by one of our Daily Window customers, Susan Simmons of Las Vegas, Nevada. Susan has a love for gardening and grows a variety of flowers each summer in her garden. She decided to take some photos and make her own cards. She purchased some card stock from the Paper Company and glued a photo onto the card stock which beautifully framed her flower.


Since starting the project she has created over 20 photos of colorful flowers and now has a wonderful selection of all occasion note cards that also fit into the transparent art pocket of her Daily Window Bags.


Not only is this a great way for  Susan to carry her garden with her by changing out her different photos as she wishes but it is also an outstanding way to show off any of your favorite photos! Add an inspirational message or favorite saying to personalize it even more.

Thank you Susan for this cool idea! We hope that all of you will be inspired to try this for a picture perfect Daily Window!!

Daily Window Quote of the Day:  “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working” Pablo Picasso


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