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Kids Stuff

May 29, 2009

Kids love our free Create and Print site,,  too. We have a very large selection of backgrounds in the Kids section, animal picture cards, coloring cards and even Dot to Dot cards. 

Here is a sample of a Kids card with a little added inspiration. I chose the background from the Kids section, used ‘biblet’ font at size 32.


Now that summer is here, take advantage of our sales coupon and get yourself a Daily Carry All. With the two inside pockets for beverage bottles as well as how roomy the tote is, it makes an ideal bag to carry on a trip to the river, lake or beach! Find the coupon link on the home page of


Dream It, Become It

May 27, 2009

Our Daily Window Inspirational Card today is a card I created in our free Create and Print site,, for a young woman graduating this weekend from high school. I will give it to her in our Mobile Metro bag…she will love it for college in the fall.


We still have coupons available for 20 and 25% percent off of bags. Just go to the coupon link at

Do you have a card or idea you would like us to put up on the blog? Send it to or call Ronda at 541-432-0714.

Have a blessed day!

Summer Time!!

May 26, 2009

Summer time and the livin is easy….we really feel that up here in the mountains of Oregon…no more boots or heavy coats, the snow shovels are stored away and are replaced by lawn mowers…leaves are back on the trees and the lilacs are blossoming. 

We, here at Daily Window, are inspired by all of this and want to pass that inspiration on to all of you! We would like to invite you to subscribe to this blog by simply clicking the link on the right bottom of this page. By doing so, you will receive a Daily Inspirational Card, created on our free Create and Print site;, sent directly to your email.


Remember you too can create your own cards on for your bag, as an inspiration for a friend, or as a way to create the perfect personalized gift.

We will also display new ideas for crafting your own cards, ways to create learning on the go for kids,  and we will share art work sent to us by others who own a Daily Window bag.

So, please join in the fun and subscribe today.