Limitless Uses


Expanding on yesterday’s theme….It’s All In The Cards!! In our research over the past years we have found that motivation and impowerment is as individual as fingerprints….that is why our bags are the perfect fit for everyone!! With the changeable window there is no limit to the ways in which you can carry your inspiration with you while on the go!

Is someone close to you having a birthday…give them a bag with your sentiment in the window. How about a backpack for a new father..


Do you have a business…carry a card in your bag that invites people to ask you about it…


Are you a student or the parent of a student…create cards that reinforce subject matter for deeper learning…


For shopping, use our Daily Carry All, keep your list in the window and carry your groceries home ‘the green way’…


Carry photos of that favorite new grandchild, or that wonderful  vacation you just took…whatever memory you want to share…photos

Do you have a personal ministry?? We have a large inventory of Christian cards or will help you to create cards that reflect your walk…


And finally…crafting…stampers love the bags, scrapbookers do Album to Accessory, digital artists create art with inspiration to carry…what ever your crafty niche, it works with Daily Window Bags…


We always love to hear from you. Tell us how you are using your bag.

Have a blessed day!


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