Fight for the Cure

Cancer survivor Gaily Green is one of the first artists to inspire us with fight for the cure  cards. We are presenting her copywrited work here today to inspire others to create cards that encourage and inspire those currently battling breast cancer and those involved in fund raising. 

Gail Green-Hope 6b_CS-email

Here at Daily Window we are working on an inspiring new project to be presented to the Komen Foundation. It will consist of a series of inspirational cards for cancer patients, survivors and their families and a variety of our Daily Window Bags. We are asking for a donation of 1 card per designer that can be presented with our Daily Window Bags to the Komen Foundation. Each designer will receive a Daily Carry All from Daily Window for their submission and each designer will get full credit for her design.

We know that by creating inspiration to be carried “at your side while on the go”, gals will be more empowered, encouraged and happy throughout their difficult days.

Check back tomorrow to see more of Gail Green’s cards. A special thanks to Gail, we appreciate and admire your work.

Have a blessed day!


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