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Tips for Creating the Perfect Card

January 29, 2010

If you haven’t already gone into our Free Create and Print site we really recommend that you give it a try. We have a large variety of backgrounds to choose from…just add you favorite inspiration and you have the perfect card made just for you by you!!

First go to A sign in page will come up, just put in your email address and a password and you are all set.

The first page is where you select the category of background. You will see that you can choose from Kids Activities, Frames, Christian, Backgrounds, Flowers, Landscapes and Ready Made. Just click on the category of your choice and we are ready for the next step.

Step 1& 2 3 4 5…Finding your background.

  1. Click on a category.
  2. Select a card.

The next page will give you more cards to choose from. Lets say we chose Flowers. Pick your favorite flower by double clicking on it.

  • Select a card.
  •  After you double-click on it you will automatically go to the third page. Here you will choose from a Verse, Quote or to Add your own Text.

    Step 1 2 3 4 5…Creating your message

    1. Select a Verse OR Quote OR Add your own text to the text box.
      Attention Ready Made Card and Kids Cards*You can create your look by arranging words in the text box in sentences, words, or phrases however you wish them to look . You will not see your quote until step 4
      -click the Continue button at the bottom during the next 2 steps to print your cards with adding a message. 

    If you prefer to add your own text click on the appropriate tab and then type it into the box provided. The trick here is to envision how you want to see it on the card…if you just type it straight across that is how it will appear…you may want to experiment with staggering it: Example:


                                                  Faithful Man

                                                 Shall Abound

                                               with Blessings.

    If you choose from our Verse or Quote section you will not see the actual inspiration until you are at the print section. If you select a Ready Made Card skip this step and go directly to Print.

    When you have completed this step, hit the continue button to select your font and color.

    4 5…Selecting your font style and color.

    1. Select your Font.
      *Start with a font size of 24 you can change it after you see how it looks.
    2. Select your Color.
      *Be sure to use colors that are lighter for dark backgrounds and dark colors for light backgrounds.
      (Please note: you must select your font style and look in the following order: 1. Select Font 2. Select Font-size and Font Color last.)


    –>You may have to hit the back button a few times if you are not happy with your choices. When you have it as you like it, you will go to the print page.

    On the Print page you will see that you can now move your inspiration around the card, placing it as you want.

    5…Print Your Card

    1. Adjust your text with your mouse (click, hold and move) You can go back to adjust fonts, size or color.
    2. PRINT your card when you are satisfied.
      *You can use card stock, photo stock and artist papers.

    (Printable card will open in a different window. Click back button to edit your card. To print later add into collection.)

    Print your card on a heavy glossy stock or photo paper or save it in your collection. We recommend that you use a corner rounder as cards fit better into the bags with less damage we you do so.

    That’s all there is to it! Have fun and be sure to share you creations with us!!


    Marketing Rep Cards and Bags

    January 18, 2010

    Here is a sample of the bag and card Marketing Reps are choosing to carry.

    If you want more info on getting your own personalized bag email or call 541-432-0714. Ask about ACN and ‘free2’ coupon for free personalized cards with each purchase.

    Daily Quote:  ” The most powerful element in advertising is the truth!” William Bernbauch

    Leadership Totes

    January 11, 2010

    In many of our careers and business’s we find it important and necessary to inspire ourselves, our subordinates, our staff and our clients in ways that will inprove our bottom line, our relationships in the business world, our ability to make contacts and our ability to strive for more success.

    Daily Window Bags are a great inspirational and educational tool in this regard. Create that perfect card to be carried at your side, inspiring you throughout the day and see where your business goes in 2010!!

    Who do you need to inspire today?