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  Here is an Inspirational card idea from our February Shades of Red Design Challenge

The winner and creator of the card below was

Artist Cindi Bisson


Artist Cindi Bisson provided us with some basic instructions on how she created this fabulous piece of art:  Check it out below !

 The cardinal is made from scraps of ribbon & trim on a “junk mail postcard”.  His wing is a silk leaf from a poinsettia plant. His face is done with tiny glass beads, his eye is a brad, his beak colored Tulip slick paints.  The background was done with textured sheets of Makin’s Clay, dusted with Interference Red Pearl-Ex Pigment Powder, cut into strips, woven then layered over 2 sheets of patterned paper.  A real twig, complete with red velvet flowers with rhinestone centers is his perch.  His legs/feet are a piece of Yasutomo Mizuhiki twisted around the twig.  “Le Cardinal – Rouge (red in French) was printed onto a transparency, then dry brushed with white paint on the reverse side.

The supplies that Cindi Bisson used to create this card were:

Makin’s Clay – Red
Makin’s Clay Texture Sheets
Makin’s Clay Ultimate Clay Machine
Jacquard Pearl-Ex Pigment Powder – Interference Red
Elmer’s Craft Bond Adhesive
Creative Charms Vintage Poppies with gemstone centers – Red
Plaid Folk-Art White Paint
Darice black glass beads
Yasumoto Mizuhiki – black & gold
Assorted velvet, satin, suede and grossgrain ribbons, yarn, twill all in shades of red
Silk poinsettia flower
Small flower brad
Black Sharpee marker (used to color brad for eye)
Tulip Slick paint – yellow & black
Scrap postcard
Patterned papers
X-Acto Paper Trimmer
Sparco Inkjet Transparency

 Enjoy this card! You can View and Print this card at

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 This card is in the Artist category!


May Design Challenge is now  posted on Split Coasters  Check out their product focus

as well as our web site


 Thank you from our Daily Window team and have a blessed day


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